The Pogues Glasgow Academy

Publication: The Irish Post

Author: Richard Purden

Date: January 12, 2005

Section: Entertainment

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The buzz around this tour far outstretched Britain and Ireland. Pogues fans gathered from around the world on genuine Pogues turf.

Although maturing in years they have never looked and sounded in better shape. Cait O'Riordan made a welcome return to the proceedings adding a touch of Irish glamour to I'm A Man You Don't Meet Everyday.

It was obvious that MacGowan loved having her up there with him as they waltzed around the stage during Fairytale Of New York which was a spell-binding moment and further proof that their mix of modern and tradition make them the most important Irish band of all time.

Celtic songs boomed out the audience with majestic clarity among Glasgow's Irish as foreigners looked around a little perplexed.

Soon an eclectic soup of fans started swirling and frothing around at the front of the Carling academy as if they were spellbound by the non-stop primal energy of White City, Sally MacLennane and Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah.

While MacGowan may be the soul of The Pogues, the chemistry that is generated as a collective is distinctly unique. The band were a little tentative about how the first reunion was going to go but they come across like a well-oiled machine of monolithic unity.

Philip Chevron is edgy and passionate as ever on Thousands Are Sailing, while. MacGowan and Spider Stacy looked like a classic rock 'n' roll double act during Dirty Old Town. Terry Woods stokes up years of Irish injustice on Young Ned Of The Hill as James Fearnley relentlessly hammers the accordion.

The Pogues celebrated being Irish at a time when the diasporas were demonised and shunned in the media and everyday life. They not only encouraged Irish culture to flourish but through their music and lyrics educated the world on how the country virtually colonised the world.

These shows are a multi-cultural commemoration of that triumph and a slap in the face to the doubters.

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