Darryl Hunt

Born: May 4, 1950 in Hampshire, England
Instruments: Bass, Percussion, Vocals

Darryl earned his BA in Fine Art a the Nottingham School of Art where he studied under Vic Birgin and Steve Willets, and also performed musical installations working with Dave Measures.

His first musical foray was with Plummet Airlines whose first single was released on Stiff (Buy8). Then he formed The Favorites, a punk pop group who released two singles on 4 Play, one of which, "SOS", was Annie Nightengale's (Radio 1) single of the week.

After some other musical diversions he formed Pride of the Cross with fellow members Dave Scott (from Spizz) and Cait O'Riorden (from The Pogues) as a part-time lounge band. Performances were well attended and acquired a slightly legendary status. One single was released on Big Beat, now much sought after.

With Cait getting busier with The Pogues, Darryl and Dave signed up Debsie Wykes (Dolly Mixtures, Captain Sensible and now Birdie) to be the voice of what was now The Troubleshooters.

At this point Darryl, finding it difficult to feed himself for lack of money, decided to take up a position with his friends in The Pogues doing sound, the driving and the tour managing as well as looking after the instruments. Occasionally having to fill in for a dissappearing Cait O'Riorden (bass player), a position that became permanent in September, 1986, when Cait decided to run off with Elvis Costello and make the holiday last forever.

Darryl stayed with the group until it ceased to function in 1996. Apart from playing the bass guitar, he contributed drums, guitar and backing vocals to the band. He also wrote several songs for The Pogues one of which "Love You Till The End", from the album Pogue Mahone was used in the credits of the Burt Reynolds film "Mystery Alaska" (Darryl has done his own version of the song on the BISH album).

Darryl has had a strong interest in Underground House music since the late 1980's and has been DJing in clubs around the UK and Europe since 1990. For instance, he organized a regular club night at Turnmills in London and was resident DJ at "Ultraschell" in Munich,

Since The Pogues' demise he has worked on various projects (London Electric Guitar Orchestra L.E.G.O., experimental pop group Marseille Figs, and Spider Stacey's group The Vendettas (ne The Wisemen)) while compiling a substancial amount of his own material which is to be found on the BISH CD. BISH also features Knut Knutson, a friend from Berlin who plays guitar, bass & organ and Jon Chandler from Birdie on drums.

Plummet Airline

Silver Shirt / This is the World
7" Stiff BUY 8 (1976)

It's Hard / My Time In A While
State STAT 66 (1977)





Keeping Us Talking / Water To Wine / The Stars Will Shine / Since I Left You / Dr. Boogie / Last Dance / I Donīt Give a Damn / I Dig Rochīn Roll / Down On The Floor / Oscars / Heart of Stone / Keeping Us Talking / Down At The Rodeo / The Engine Driver / Dr. Boogie / Casey Jones
2-LP Hedonics HEDON 1/2 (1981)

Pride of the Cross


Tommy's Blue Valentine/Black Coffee
12" Big Beat NST 106 (1985)




clever girl / tell me / hey, you don't have to say it / in your town / don't look back / north west five / help is on its way / love you till the end / she made it happen / wasting my time
CD LfT Records LfT CD001 (2001)



cynthia / i just want to hold you / feel a lot better / call my name / coming back to you / tale of two cities / world turns around you / waiting / blue today / all alone
CD / LP, LfT Records LfT CD002 (2009)

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